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PERFORMINGRAIL implements a holistic system approach to address the open challenges for the Moving Block and Virtual Coupling concepts in terms of safe operational principles and specifications, reliable Train Integrity Monitoring technologies, high-accuracy train localisation and optimised moving-block traffic management algorithms.

The main objectives of the project are to enhance and verify existing specifications for moving-block signalling, while developing formal models, algorithms and proof of concepts to test and validate an integrated future moving-block system architecture that will provide safe and effective operational performances.


Definition of Specifications for safe and performing moving block operations

Analysing, verifying and  enhancing principles and system specifications defined by S2R X2Rail-1 and X2Rail-3 to enable safety and  standard performance levels of moving-block railway operations.


Formal modelling of moving-block specifications

Develop formal/semi-formal models of  Moving Block and Virtual Coupling signalling to validate specifications, perform qualitative and quantitative  analyses to support Verification & Validation processes towards a fail-safe and effective signalling  configuration.


Identification of Moving-block hazards

Enumerating and classifying system-related as well as  local hazards for train localisation under moving-block, based on literature review and sensitivity analysis with  stochastic formal approaches.


Development of Fail-safe train localisation solution

Developing techniques for fail-safe moving-block train  localisation drawing on advances in the aerospace and automotive industries innovative Receiver Autonomous  Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) algorithms will be setup for Fault Detection and Exclusion as well as for Data  Fusion of multiple data sources including odometry, Digital maps and satellite location by applying EGNSS.


Design of Future Traffic Management Architecture for Moving-Block

An innovative traffic  management architecture for moving-block will be designed by relying on X2Rail-3 specifications, integrates  safety constraints with advanced railway traffic rescheduling algorithms to prevent hazardous moving-block  traffic events while providing minimum train service performances.


Implementing of a Moving-block testing platform

Implementing a simulation-based platform for integrated testing  and assessment of defined moving-block specifications, formal models, train localisation and traffic  management algorithms.


Proof-of-concept and Assessment of moving-block specifications and models

Assessing and  demonstrating specifications, models and algorithms for safe and performing moving-block operations including  a technical assessment report of an independent railway Notified Body for a Proof-of-Concept.


Recommendations for safe and performing moving-block configurations

Delineating  recommendations for most-effective system configurations to achieve safe, performing and cost-effective  moving-block railway operations to achieve defined Railway Minimum Operational Performance Standards. 
These Primary Objectives will be supported by the following Secondary Objectives (SOs):


Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

Ensure that all outputs are effectively disseminated amongst stakeholders and associated parties whilst enabling suitable exploitation of the outputs to add value for the information ecosystem developed.


Project Management

Deliver the project through effective leadership and project management to ensure all partners remain engaged in the research activities they are responsible for delivering and conduct their work to the highest possible standard

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