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Mid-term project workshop was a success!

On October 20th, we held the previously announced mid-term project workshop on moving block signalling, with guest speakers from Siemens and TCT, which attracted more than 50 participants from all over the world, including researchers and railway industry practitioners.

Please find below some pictures taken from the workshop, as well as the downloadable presentation slides.

Performingrail - Project Overview
Download PDF • 1.34MB
Performingrail - WP1
Download PDF • 1.32MB
Performingrail - WP2
Download PDF • 1.91MB
Performingrail - WP3
Download PDF • 2.56MB
Performingrail - WP4
Download PDF • 1.51MB
Performingrail - WP5
Download PDF • 1.36MB
Moving block in China's heavy haul railway:the TCT solution (Wei Wang, TCT)
Download PDF • 3.60MB
Steps on the Road to Moving Block Signalling in Europe (Simon Chadwick, Siemens)
Download PDF • 579KB

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